Why You Need a Strong, Visible Company Culture

Why You Need a Strong, Visible Company Culture

When you think of what attracts candidates to a role, what pops into your head? I’m sure that the generic perks such as salary and free company trips are up there…. However, more than anything, most applicants want an open-door, positive culture that promotes growth.

Do you offer this at your workplace? If so, have you been communicating this while advertising your previous roles? As the hiring manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re displaying your company in the best way possible while focusing your content on current trends and desires to target your market.

Creating a strong, visible company culture is now vital to remain credible in the competitive market while also reflecting a unified brand message. Additionally, it will support your attraction marketing and employee retention rate; Your culture is ultimately a key factor of your employer brand and whether a job-seeker is likely to apply, or not… and if successful, whether they will stay!

If you’re struggling to grasp the importance of cultural visibility, read on to find out its importance.

What is company culture?

Your company culture reflects your values in the workplace. It creates a unified message of who you are as a company. It’s made up of a variety of different elements, such as personality, beliefs, workplace processes and your offering. This is one major factor that can differentiate you from your competitors.

Having a strong culture where all employees, directors and those associated have mutual understandings of processes and clear visions is vital for your success.

Why you need to create visibility

We live in a world where most information can be researched and accessed online…. And with that trend in place, customers, job-seekers and everyone else who fall in between expect to be able to view who you are as a company through online channels – And that is why visibility is important.

It’s all well and good having a great company culture internally, however, if you’re not presenting this externally, you’ll get little attraction off candidates.

With a fresh outlook, take a peek at what type of message you are getting across on your platforms regarding what it’s like to work at your company. Does this reflect the reality of your offering?

As culture is a key motive for job-seekers, increasing the visibility of your unique vibe will help to draw candidates in while getting your name out there for future roles.

How to boost visibility of your company culture

So now you know why visibility is important, here’s how to boost yours…

•Social media exposure: One of the most effective ways to get your culture out there is through your social media channels. As I said above, the world revolves around online searches, so you’ll be doing yourself a favour by getting suitable, on topic content out there. Now I know that sounds easier said than done, and that is why I’ve added a guide here to help you with your content marketing.

This strategy will not only increase your culture’s visibility, it will also boost the attraction and engagement of your employer brand.

Here are a few ways to inspire job-seekers through your social content and make them think… I want to work there:

1. Share success stories of your employee’s career development
2. Share a behind the scenes / a day in the life of snippet to engage potential applicants
3. Use unique hashtags consistently over your platforms. Help people find you, your jobs and your content quicker!


Employee advocates: A further tactic to use is to boost your employee’s involvement, leading to greater employee advocacy opportunities….

“Encourage and motivate your employees to speak positively on your brand’s behalf. Not only will they help you find the right people to hire, but they can also help you bring in more customers.”

If you’re creating a positive experience for your employees, they will naturally share this through a variety of ways which will boost your reputation in the industry.

Build culture into your recruitment process: An additional strategy to take on board that will significantly increase the exposure of your culture and show candidates what it’s like behind closed doors is by incorporating cultural activities into your recruitment process.

For example, create a positive, fully immersive candidate experience for applicants to move through. This experience will give a clear representation of how you get things done in your workplace; Or even push the boat out and arrange an informal interview where candidates have the opportunity to visit the workplace, get to know potential colleagues and have a relaxed, personal experience. This will provide them with a clear insight into your management style and the type of people who make up your team.


Your culture is the lifeblood of your company and will play a key part on the perception of your employer brand. Therefore, my advice to you would be to ensure you have a strong culture that represents your reality, while also doing your upmost to increase its visibility through online channels and your application processes.

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