Discovering, shaping and promoting the iVendi employer brand

iVendi is an award-winning vehicle retailing technology company.


In 2021 iVendi was introduced to Holler after working with our parent brand Searchability to recruit technical professionals across Manchester and North Wales.

iVendi had a clearly defined corporate brand and an internal team who actively managed this, and even though they had a great culture and offering, there was no defined employer brand that was visible to external candidates and only a handful of employees actively shared content on social media about their experience as an employee.

iVendi was competing for talent with well-known names in tech and needed to highlight what set them apart from these brands to increase their candidate attraction rate.


The Holler team conducted a full employer brand strategic audit, to discover the existing employer brand and help shape this into a defined proposition. This included:

  • On-site employer brand discovery workshop
  • Discovery dive report into current employer brand visibility
  • Competitor analysis
  • Internal employer brand team assembly and briefing
  • EVP research and employee survey

Based upon these findings we worked closely with the internal team to shape “iVendiLife” with:

  • Defined EVP and pillars
  • Employer brand architecture
  • Employer brand guidelines
  • Creative style for iVendiLife

This was articulated through:

  • Delivering an on-site employee advocacy workshop
  • Employee advocacy activation using #iVendiLife
  • Employer brand social media management
  • Instagram Reel and content creation
  • Blog series to highlight employee stories and internal employer brand perspective
  • Content plan for the internal marketing and creative team to execute beyond the partnership
  • Targeted paid social to increase employer brand visibility to the target candidate demographic


The iVendi Life employer brand is actively promoted and visible to candidates across:

Refreshed Careers Site


Employer Brand Instagram


Video Content

Watch here

Employee Advocacy


Social Campaigns and Blog Content