Employer Branding

A strong employer brand can attract, engage, and retain the best people for your organisation, which is why we offer a range of strategic services to help you discover, shape, and promote yours.


Employer Brand Strategic Audit

The employer brand strategic audit takes you through the entire employer brand process from discovery to promotion. A typical process includes:

  • Kick-off session

    Kick-off meeting to gain insights to Employer brand and EVP perceptions.

  • Review & Define

    Review of current talent acquisition and employer brand activities and define employer brand / EVP objectives.

  • Desktop Discovery

    Desktop analysis of the current employer brand visibility across website, social and feedback channels.

  • Competitor Discovery

    Desktop discovery of selected “competitors for talent”.

  • Employer brand team

    Activate internal employer brand team.

    Employer brand team
  • People survey

    Conduct EVP, employer brand and employee engagement survey.

    People survey
  • Analyse survey data

    Analyse results from survey and deliver full report.

    Analyse survey data
  • EVP & Employer Brand architecture

    Define EVP and EVP pillars along with employer brand architecture.

    EVP & Employer Brand architecture
  • Brand guidelines

    Once defined and agreed we create a set of suggested brand guidelines, to help shape employer brand content, job adverts, onboarding material and more.

    Brand guidelines
  • Employer Brand workshops

    Our team deliver employer brand workshops for your organisation, including: Activating the EVP through the experience, employee advocacy, and more.

    Employer Brand Workshops
  • Content plans

    Employer brand content suggestions and plans to promote your organisation to your target candidate demographic.

    Content plans
  • Content delivery

    Deliver agreed content plan and provide continued support for your internal teams.

    Content delivery