Top Facebook Management Tips for Employer Branding

With more than one billion people active on Facebook across the globe, companies are recognising the benefits of the platform for showcasing their employer brand. Promoting your unique brand and showcasing your culture to the right people can have a huge impact on your ability to attract candidates, but if you aren’t a social media marketer yourself then you might not know where to start! We have collated 9 of our top Facebook management tips to help you along the way.

JobHoller’s Facebook Management Tips:

Create individual pages

If your company already has a corporate Facebook page, then you may want to consider starting a new page that is purely focused on your employer brand. Take Sky for example: Their main corporate Facebook has over 1 million followers, but the content on here is aimed at their customers, and while it’s nice to see the latest Game of Thrones trailer this doesn’t do much to make followers want to work for Sky. Of course you can always add in a few posts about your employer brand on your main Facebook page, but chances are this will just water down the content you are already sharing for your customers, and it’s unlikely that your existing customers that follow your page will be the same as the type of candidates you are looking to attract! You can start a new “Life at Company Name” page so that you can focus on building a relevant following and not be restricted in the type of content you share. Depending on your organisation size and recruitment needs you may even want to build more than one careers focused Facebook page, so that you can niche down on location or department. It’s free to build a page – click here to get started.

Scheduled Facebook management

Unless Facebook management is one of your primary job responsibilities, it can be a real challenge to find the time in your busy day to keep on top of posts. You do not want to feel burdened by the task of keeping your page up to date, but luckily Facebook allow you to schedule posts for the future, meaning you can spend a bit of time on a Monday morning lining up your selected posts and content and let Facebook share it throughout the week. There are lots of different opinions on the best time to post to Facebook, Hootsuite suggests between 12pm-3pm Monday-Friday and 12pm-1pm at the weekend, but the important thing is to make sure that you spread your posts out so that you aren’t sharing them all at once!

Boost your reach with adverts

One of the most exciting things about using Facebook for employer branding is that you can get your message in front of the potential candidates you’d like to attract through Facebook Ads. We mentioned earlier that there are one billion Facebook users across the globe, and when you start to pull together an idea of your perfect “candidate persona” you can actually build an advert audience that is relevant to you.


If you are a company based in central Birmingham with a requirement in your Marketing team you may start to build your audience using:

  1. People who live in: Birmingham + 20 mile radius
  2. People with Job Title: Marketing Manager / PPC Manager / Head of Marketing / Digital Marketing Manager
  3. People interested in: SEO / PPC / Digital Marketing

Facebook will advise you if your audience is too broad or too defined to deliver effectively, so you will want to spend a bit of time building out your audiences and make sure that you save these for your future adverts too.

Invite colleagues to help with Facebook management

Having all the admin responsibility on one set of shoulders can become overwhelming, particularly if you need to manage a high level of incoming messages and post comments all by yourself! Invite a few key colleagues to act as admins of the page, that means that you will have a few extra hands to get back to people promptly. Encourage colleagues to download the Facebook and Facebook Pages apps to their phones, so that you don’t miss notifications coming through in the evenings and weekends, and make sure everyone is aware of how to respond to people appropriately.

Use a content calendar

Facebook management can be pretty overwhelming without a plan in place, and you can find yourself really racking your brain on how to be creative every day. Instead you should consider using a structured content calendar, so you have a guide to follow to make this process easier. On here you can highlight days that you can share chosen content on (e.g. International Women’s Day on 8th March 2019) and even days where you can organise events that help bring your employer brand to life (e.g. National Employee Appreciation Day on 1st March 2019). Note down all relevant “National Days” and days that are important to your organisation (e.g. industry awards, your company birthday etc.). You can also make up your own themed weeks to help guide the type of content you share such as “Tech Team Week” or “Customer Services Team Week”. Planning only makes it easier in the long term so get started on your calendar today.

Share your latest jobs

One of the main reasons companies invest into their employer brand is to attract candidates, and while you’ll want to showcase your culture and environment to promote what makes you a great place to work, there is no denying that the trusty job advert is still one of the best ways to attract applications. Facebook jobs have been around for a while now, but in the last few months they have improved massively and they now allow you to add tailored images and key information to help your job stand out. Not only will the jobs you post show on your Facebook page, but they will also appear on the Facebook jobs bookmark and on Marketplace too, helping you reach a wider audience than relying upon your Facebook following alone. Check out our blog 5 Social Recruiting Tips You Need To Embrace In 2019 to learn how to post.

Make video part of your Facebook management

It’s reported that companies that use videos in their marketing enjoy 27% higher click through rate and 34% higher web conversion rates than those which don’t, so if you want a guaranteed way to improve engagement then you need to start using video. Video doesn’t have to be large budget professionally cut videos either, it can be as simple as a 10 second clip shot on an iPhone or even just choosing to save your Snapchat / Instagram story into a single video. Previously it has always been advised to shoot “horizontal landscape” videos but with more and more people opting to view videos on a mobile device don’t be afraid to play around with vertical videos as well. Not sure what type of footage to shoot? Here are a few simple suggestions:

  1. Interviews with members of your team
  2. Filming the environment at office events
  3. Shooting a day in the life from the eyes of an employee
  4. Simple animations / GIFs

Include your employees

Your employees are the heart and soul of your employer brand, so it makes sense to include them in your Facebook marketing. By featuring real employee stories and insights you’ll have the opportunity to generate more engagement as people are more likely to like and share content that features themselves or someone they know than just a generic post about the company. Ideally, you’ll want to invite your current employees to like and follow your Facebook page, so that they can see the latest updates and engage with your posts online, or you could host links to relevant content on your company’s Intranet site.

Create events for your hiring plans

One of the great features of Facebook is that you can create pages for events, invite people to attend, manage your guestlist and keep attendees updated with key information. Facebook events are perfect for things like “recruitment days” where you want to invite multiple candidates along for assessment / interview, or even events such as “Tech Meet-Ups” that your company are hosting to increase their industry presence within the area. It’s simple to get started, check out this blog on Eventbrite to learn more.

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