Stop dismissing Generation Z and start adapting for them

This morning I read an interesting report from Ipsos MORI for the BBC on the differences in views between Generation Z and Generation Y, Generation X and Baby Boomers. The findings showed that the older generation still viewed Generation Z as being obsessed with social media and mobile phones as opposed to things like family (which 44% of Gen Z marked as most important to them). There still seems to be this perception from certain groups that Generation Z are “lazy” and “entitled”, but with Generation Z set to join the UK workforce it’s time to change your attitudes, or risk losing out on top talent.

Sure Generation Z are sometimes focused on Instagramming their avocado on toast and updating their Tinder bio, but this is because they were born into a digital world. Generation Z are used to streamlined processes – superfast 4G on their new iPhone instead of dial up internet, Uber instead of traditional taxis… you get the picture. Generation Z are often mistaken for feeling “entitled”, when really they just have higher expectations than their predecessors; and these expectations are totally justified. The world is changing, so if you think you can stick to the way you’ve always done it when it comes to your recruiting process then you’re in for a shock.

Adapting for the active candidates

If you’re lucky enough to have an active candidate from Generation land on your website and apply for your role (and let’s face it, this is becoming increasingly difficult) then the process needs to be as simple as possible – after all they are just a finger swipe away from going elsewhere. Your careers site must be mobile friendly, have great UX/UI and give candidates a real impression of what it is like to work for your company. A job description of the skills and experience you need is all good and well, but if you want to attract the best candidates then you need to promote your employer brand. As tempting it is to throw in some Google inspired perks such as ping pong tables, free lunches and nap rooms – don’t forget to focus on the bigger picture such as career progression, work-life balance and culture.

Adapting for the passive candidates

If you’re taking to social/digital to try and attract the passive market then you need to remember that you’re not just competing against other companies / recruiters for Generation Z’s attention. Your competing against a world of media – every week there’s a new trend taking over, mannequin challenges, Love Island meme’s, Cat GIF’s. Everything that is a lot more entertaining and engaging than that boring job description your sharing. If you want to prick the interest of this generation then you’re going to have to think harder, get creative and be original. Think Facebook video, Snapchat applications, Instagram accounts to showcase your company culture.

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