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At JobHoller we are always looking for ways to help our clients, whether it’s driving down unnecessary recruitment fees, improving the candidate experience or even finding ways to increase employee retention. We have a number of products and services to help, one of which is our awesome Onboarder ATS which goes above and beyond your simple “applicant tracking system”. Users can access the ATS alongside our other recruitment products from as little as £99 + VAT per month, and here are a few simple hacks to make the most from using it!

Bespoke automation

We have a bit of a love hate relationship with automation, on the one hand we love it because it saves lots of time and effort, but we also hate it because it can de-personalise communication and take away from the candidate experience. At JobHoller we’ve combined the best of both worlds, allowing you to build multiple BESPOKE candidate journeys, with automated email triggers that populate with relevant details like candidate name, job title, interview date and time and more! These emails populate when certain actions are made in the candidate journey – such as approving a step, rejecting a candidate or scheduling an interview. The best part is you have the option to hit send on messages immediately, or having a quick edit first if you want to add anything extra!

Syncing your calendar

Most of us manage our diaries through an online system, so if you have an Outlook diary or Google calendar you can integrate this with your dashboard, meaning any events such as interviews will show automatically in your own diary, as well as in the JobHoller calendar.

Eliminate the agency “cat fight”

From time to time you are bound to use recruitment agencies to fill a job role, however you may have experienced the headache previously where two agencies fight over “who sent a candidate first”, or even had to prove to the agency yourself that you had a direct application from a candidate before the agency sent them across! It can be one of the biggest issues companies face when working with recruiters and people can even wind up paying duplicate recruitment fees if they are not careful! Luckily the JobHoller Onboarder ATS eliminates this problem entirely. If you invite an agency to submit candidates for a role, then they cannot upload a candidate that is already in the system. The ATS checks all candidates against name, email address and postcode, blocking duplicate uploads and saving you a few awkward phone-calls!

Notification when a candidate is free from ownership

Agencies will introduce you to some fantastic people, but chances are you won’t hire every single one straight away. The JobHoller ATS notifies you whenever a candidate falls out of the agency ownership period, meaning you have the chance to get back in touch with those candidates directly and potentially take them on without paying any agency fee!

Tag candidates for an easier search

Candidate data of people who have applied for a role at your company, or been submitted by an agency in the past is a fantastic resource for your future recruitment plans. The problem however is that good candidates can sometimes become a bit of a needle in a haystack, so you’ll trawl through pages of data to try and find that person you vaguely remember being good at interview two years ago. The JobHoller ATS lets you create your own tag system, meaning tagged candidates can be searched in seconds and you can bring up a list of relevant people without having to sift through thousands of CV’s!

Simple collaboration

It’s unlikely that the recruitment process is looked after by one person alone, so the JobHoller ATS allows you to assign different access levels and invite your colleagues to use the platform through their own unique login. This gives you an easy way to assign different tasks to different staff members, and ensures all the information you need is stored within one centralised location.

Digital reminders

Do you ever have to nag your colleagues to review a CV, arrange an interview or deliver candidate feedback? You may be busy recruiting for multiple roles, so remembering to chase up your colleagues can be a difficult task. Worse still delays in the candidate journey can create a negative experience for the candidate and cost you top talent! JobHoller lets you assign different team members to individual candidate steps (e.g. to review a CV or deliver feedback etc.) but most importantly you can set due dates so that automatic reminders will be emailed out until your colleagues complete the assigned task! It saves you having to nag people yourself and it ensures there are no unnecessary delays in the candidate experience.

Protect your agency fees

It’s always frustrating when a new employee decides to hand their notice in, even more so when you’ve had to pay a hefty recruitment fee for that person! If an employee is placed by a recruiter, then you may be protected by a rebate / replacement clause in the terms of business if this happens. JobHoller will log any time periods you specify for rebate / replacement after a candidate joins, and notify you before this period expires. That reminder gives you time to check in with the employee in question and make sure they are settling in and progressing well (before it’s too late to get your money back)!

Collect feedback automatically

If you want to develop and improve as a company then it’s essential to get feedback from your newly on-boarded employees. You’ll want to ask questions relating to how they found the application process, how you could improve upon candidate attraction, the efficiency of the interview process, their first impressions, as well as how they found the training and induction. JobHoller can send out pre-set surveys automatically, at set intervals (such as a week after the start date or 28 days after the start date). This means you can gather data fast, and start to discover any key trends / areas which require improvement – future-proofing your recruitment strategy!

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