How to Create Engaging Content for LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a valuable platform for your business. The social media site is extremely popular amongst those who work in technology and business fields, so putting the effort into creating the right kinds of posts can really pay off for your company. Not only can you create a professional profile, but you can make connections and network with potential employers through sites like the company feed.

When you share content, consider creating something that will be of interest to your connections. Here are some points to consider as you start sharing content on LinkedIn…

Share Tips & Advice

LinkedIn has changed the way we consume content, making it an ideal network for sharing tips and advice with your audience. Posts that provide valuable tips are the most engaging to users, who will share them often in the LinkedIn feed.

You can do this by either sharing content you have created or curating content from other sources. Both approaches are effective ways of attracting targeted traffic to your website and helping you build credibility in your industry. The sharing of valuable information is also a great way to build relationships with those in your network, as well as make yourself an expert on the subject matter.

Share Your Experiences

Showcase what makes you unique. You want to stand out on LinkedIn as someone who knows their stuff, but how? By sharing some of the most interesting aspects of what you do or have done before—like a new feature at work, or even just an especially unusual day at work! Sharing these interesting posts will help show potential employers and clients that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to working with/for someone like yourself (which will hopefully lead them towards hiring/working).

Whether you’re a jobseeker or are currently working, you have stories to share about your company, industry or just yourself. On LinkedIn, these are your “experiences” and they play a big role in how people view your profile and connect to you.

Use Visual Elements

Images, videos, and infographics are some of the most engaging content types on LinkedIn. This is because these formats can help you tell a story in a way that text-based posts cannot. They also allow for more creativity and can be used to illustrate your point in interesting ways.

Use visual elements to make your points more memorable by combining words and images together (e.g., an image with text overlaid on top of it). If you have any photos from relevant trips or company events that you’d like to share, this is the perfect place for them! Depending on the formality of your company, create memes or gifs based on topics related to what you’re writing about; these fun graphics tend to get shared widely across LinkedIn as well as most other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter!

Include Links to Other Content

While you’re creating your original content, you should also think about how to link to other posts or resources that are relevant to your audience.

Links can help engage readers by providing a sense of community. By connecting with other LinkedIn users, you’re showing that you’re part of the same tribe as them and that there’s more information available on topics related to yours. This encourages people to visit your page again, especially if they find something else interesting!

We’ve all seen that LinkedIn post that has 10,000 views and 3 likes. What’s going on here? Our guess is that people don’t want to ‘like’ the status, they want to read it. So what can you do? Whilst there are so many things you can do with infographics, a great idea is to include a link to external sources in your post to create engagement!

Ask Questions

Asking questions on LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to engage with your audience and get lots of responses to any topic. It has been proven to generate more comments and likes, give out useful insights and create a sense of community. They’re simple to ask, but you can make them as complex or specific as you like.

You can start by addressing the common challenges and opportunities that people face within your industry. Find out how others are solving similar challenges, what works and what doesn’t – then use this information to get involved in conversations that can help you build relationships!

We hope you’re ready to start producing great content for LinkedIn. You have the tools and resources you need to create compelling content, but it all comes down to what you choose as your topic and how well you can convey that message. If done right, your connections will be engaged from beginning till end—and hopefully be sharing your posts with their connections!

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