Handing in your notice

If you are dreading handing in your notice then you are not alone. No matter what the circumstance it’s rarely an enjoyable experience to do, BUT there are a few things you can do to ensure this part goes smoothly for both you and your soon to be ex-employer…

If you are dreading handing in your notice then you are not alone.

Check List

You can do this stay strong and focus!

  1. Check what the process is at your current company

    Every company is different so it helps to refer to your contract / company handbook to understand the process for submitting your notice.
  2. Check your notice period

    You will likely have a fixed notice period in your contract, but always check with your employer as there may be some flexibility here.
  3. Writing a letter / email of resignation

    You will need to confirm the role you are resigning from and detail your final date of employment in writing.
  4. Book a meeting with your manager

    Ideally you will want to hand your resignation in in person or schedule a call to formally resign rather than just submitting your resignation by email.
  5. Parting on good terms

    It’s always good to end things on a good note and ensure you will receive a positive reference from your employer, so be sure to thank them for the opportunity and end things on a high.
  6. Stay strong

    For many, handing in a letter of resignation is an uncomfortable event, but remember that you’re handing in your notice for a reason and shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so – this is the start of an exciting new career move for you.

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