8 Key Stages for your Talent Management Strategy

While smaller companies can sometimes manage the employee life-cycle without any strict guidelines in place, there is no denying that a robust talent management strategy can seriously transform the way a company attracts, nurtures and retains talent. Whether you are looking to revamp your current talent management strategy or shape the structure around yours for the very first time, there are certain key steps that you should be looking at.

Here are 8 key talent management strategy steps:

Employer Brand Awareness

Talent attraction can begin well before you are even aware of it, so the first step you want to be looking at is your external employer brand presence and overall social footprint for your brand. You might catch the eye of an interested candidate from a Facebook post, or find that a candidate drops onto your careers page after your company comes up in a Google search. The point is that the information candidates see at this very first touch-point can make or break whether they feel they would like to work for you, so it is important to populate your careers site and social profiles with authentic and relevant content. A few key things to consider:

  1. Ensure information is up to date, if you haven’t posted on social media for months then a candidate may become suspicious as to why
  2. Use plenty of photos and videos to give a real insight into your working environment, your people and your culture
  3. Highlight your EVP (employee value proposition) and employee perks – basically shout about exactly why someone would want to work for you
  4. Use content that features your employees – stories about employee journeys and Q&A’s with the team will help give a better understanding of your employer brand
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