6 Benefits of Recruiting Before Christmas

You may have noticed that Christmas has suddenly appeared on the radar, the John Lewis advert is out and Christmas jumpers are already in the shops. In fact, everywhere you look, it’s Christmas!

But rather than focus on the Christmas Party and all the shopping you need to get done before Christmas Eve, launching a recruitment campaign in December can result in less competition for the best talent, lower salaries and a more engaged candidate market. 

Here’s just 6 reasons to give it a go…

1. More available candidates

Some companies stop recruiting in December all together. Why not take advantage of this? By pushing out your roles now, you will have access to the complete talent pool without the added complication of competing with lots of other companies.

2. Less risk of other offers

With less competition in the market, you are less at risk from competing offers. Research suggests that you can end up paying 10-15% more on basic salaries to secure the best talent, but at Christmas, this is less likely to be the case.

Research suggests that you can end up paying 10-15% more on basic salaries to secure the best talent, but at Christmas, this is less likely to be the case. #JobHoller

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3. Quicker time to hire

In January, when lots of companies are recruiting, the process can take 5-10 days longer than at any other time of the year. There are multiple factors that can impact on time, the main one being waiting for interviews times. Candidates are less able to take time off immediately after the Christmas break (but a half day for ‘Christmas Shopping’ in December is unlikely to raise any suspicions), they may be trying to fit in 5-6 interviews in a week in January!

4. New Year, New Start

A new job may be part of the New Year resolutions list, but those looking to start a new job in January are actually already starting to look at the job boards for suitable roles. From an employer’s perspective, you can also take advantage of the quieter time by on-boarding new starters the week before Christmas so that they can hit the ground running in January.

5. Spending the remaining recruitment budget

A quick win before Christmas with your remaining budget – no matter how small. Why not use those £’s to get an optimised job advert across the major job boards, supported by a social media push? This is much more simple and cost effective than you may think and can cost less than £500 and using this method for multiple hires can see your cost per hire reduce considerably.

6. Very active time on social media

The run up to Christmas is a very active time across all platforms with more activity than at any other time of the year. Capitalise on this by using the various social media targeting options to help get your advert in front of the right people.

Instead of slowing down for Christmas, use the time to take advantage of lower competition, quicker time to hire and start the New Year with a full headcount.

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