JobHoller becomes Holler™

JobHoller rebrands to Holler Global to reflect wider service offering.

Today, JobHoller announces an exciting rebrand to become Holler™. JobHoller was founded in 2016 specialising in recruitment marketing, but as we have evolved as an agency our focus has shifted away from this to full service strategic employer branding. The JobHoller name, albeit a name we have grown to love over the years, just didn’t feel right for our service offering any more. Our vision is “to make everyone, everywhere want to build and shape their employer brand”, and not just shout (or Holler) about it when they have a job they need to fill.

As part of the rebrand we are dividing Holler™ services across key sectors including Employer branding, Content & Social and Talent Attraction. We are also launching two exciting new service specialisms including Corporate Branding and Personal Branding. The JobHoller name will still live on through our technology product, which can be accessed at These changes will be articulated through our new look website at The logo will remain the same for brand continuity, but we’ve ditched the “Job” from our name.

“We’ve toyed with the idea of a name change for a number of years, but upon reflection of our revised brand vision it felt important to acknowledge our shift away from transactional recruitment marketing campaigns towards a more holistic approach to employer brand, so we finally ditched the job!”
Sophie Hopley, Employer Brand Director.

It’s our mission to combine our evolving employer branding expertise and technology with a people-led approach to discover, shape, and promote our clients’ employer brand, and we are excited to do this with our refreshed brand identity, website and social strategy as part of this.

About Holler™
Holler™ is a full-service employer branding agency born out of the award-winning tech recruitment group Searchability. We help our clients discover, shape and promote their unique employer brand to attract, engage and retain the best people, using tailored services and packages to suit their individual objectives and budgets.

Sophie Hopley
[email protected]
01244 739 351

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