How having a Company Blog can help boost your Employer Brand

Employer branding is an incredibly important aspect for any company. Keeping a positive and trustworthy employer brand will considerably improve your company by attracting new employees as well as retaining current ones. A company blog is a tool which can positively influence your employer brand through several ways, and can give you the opportunity to present an authentic front to candidates and employees. With 86% of employees and job seekers using company reviews and ratings to decide on where to apply for a job, employer branding is key for recruitment and building your company reputation.

Improves online search ranking

By writing blogs and discussing industry topics related to your company, it can expand your online presence. Take advantage of blogging to not only reach new audiences, but utilise this feature to showcase your employer brand. Writing blog posts about your company culture, industry news, and topical subjects can give employees a platform to speak on and can communicate your brand better than social media posts.

Running a company blog not only gives clients an idea of what your company does, but it gives your website a higher ranking on search engines. When blogging about a certain topic, make sure you use SEO as a tool to rank your blog posts higher on the results page. By doing so, this promotes your company in an organic way and can reach clients beyond your target audience, and drive traffic to the site.

Humanizes your company

Today, before a potential candidate can even set foot in the office, they can develop a clear idea of what your employer branding is like. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed are just a few examples of websites where candidates can go visit to review your company, look at EVPs, and get an idea of what you are like to work for. Although these websites and social media can offer honest opinions and reviews, running a blog and having employees write about the industry gives your company an authentic and likeable front. Blogging gives companies a chance to showcase their personality, attracting candidates by showing a ‘humane’ side, and improving the employer branding. When creating content for blog posts, be collaborative and involve different departments to present a clear message of what your company stands for, as well as building trust and relationships with employees.

Presents brand awareness

For any company, their website must show clients and candidates exactly what they do. However this isn’t enough for potential employees who are reviewing your company, and instead can present a faceless and unwelcoming employer brand. Through blogging, potential employees can develop a clear understanding of your brand awareness as well as gain an understanding of what you are like to work for. Company websites with strictly only business content will appeal to clients, however it will lack personality and fail to interest potential employees. By including blog articles, it can be a method to inform clients company information as well as presenting your employer branding, which in turn will assist in recruiting. 

Communication through blog posts

Blogging is an easy method to not only create content for social media platforms, but to communicate information with employees and clients. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can share articles and information to an extent, whilst blog posts can be a platform for longer discussions and can be an opportunity to express your employer brand. Blogging offers companies the opportunity to discuss their culture and business goals, as well as providing new content regularly for your website. Having employees create blog posts about your company and the industry can present to candidates strong EVPs, which will attract potential employees and improve the employer brand.

Be strategic with what you blog about – remember that blogging isn’t just a platform for discussion and information, but it can be a method of recruitment marketing. By running a company blog, it can differentiate you against other competitors and potentially be a factor into why a candidate would apply for a job at your company.

There are many advantages to running a company blog, however it is a key tool to present your employer branding. By frequently posting, discussing industry topics, and celebrating company culture, it can define what your company is like to work for and create a positive perception of your company. If you would like to speak to someone about your employer brand, get in touch with us at [email protected] or give us a call at 01244 739 350. 

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