Employer Brand Excellence – A Case Study Approach Volume IV

Employer Brand Excellence – A Case Study Approach Volume IV
Produced by Brett Minchington

Employer Brand Excellence-A Case Study Approach Volume IV is the fourth edition of a series to bring employer branding best practice to leaders around the world.

This edition includes best practice case insights from 28 companies such as IKEA, Pepsico, Accenture, Kantar, Deutsche Bank and Eurostar, showcasing the journey each company took in developing their employer brand.

The case studies have been expertly compiled in collaboration with clients of the world’s leading employer branding agencies and country partners of World Employer Branding Day which was held in Lisbon 15-17 May 2019 with 750 leaders from 45 countries participating. The book has been produced by eight time author Brett Minchington.

The book provides detailed insights on key areas such as employer brand strategy development, EVP development, employer brand positioning, employer brand communications strategy, how to measure ROI of your strategy, employer brand content marketing, social media, technology and the future of employer branding.

The case studies provide an ideal learning tool for leaders of all levels and industries as they detail the journey each company took to build their employer brand including key objectives, the process and methodology, challenges, key achievements, the business impact, metrics and key learnings.

Employer Brand Excellence
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