10 Recruitment Statistics that may Surprise You

Many of us are guilty of sticking to what we know when it comes to recruitment, but with an ever changing workforce, growing transparency online and competition for candidates fiercer than ever it could be time to shape up your recruitment strategy. Here are 10 statistics that may make you think twice about your current practices:

66% of millennials expect to leave their current organisation by 2020

Via Deloitte

In the past companies have found it easy to dismiss Millennials as lazy / social media obsessed, but the fact is they make up a large proportion of today’s workforce. If you don’t want your Millennial employees to jump ship to your competitors then it’s time to put in the work to engage with and further invest in these employees. You want to encourage loyalty through the culture of your organisation, and it’s best to start now than to wait until people leave to make changes.

75% of hiring and talent managers use an ATS (applicant tracking system) / recruitment software

via Capterra

Gone are the days where an excel spreadsheet is enough to manage your recruitment activities, even for the smallest of organisations. 

64% of companies only measure employee engagement once a year

via Deliotte

If you want to ensure you are promoting an authentic EVP (employer value proposition) as well as making internal changes to change your company culture for the better then regular feedback from your employees is essential.

Almost 60% of job seekers report having a poor candidate experience

via WorkplaceTrends

Clunky careers sites, complicated application processes, slow feedback, uncomfortable interviews, or even no response at all… candidate experience can play a big part in whether a candidate will choose to join your organisation.

Of those 60% that reported a poor candidate experience, 72% shared information on it “online on an employer review site, such as Glassdoor, on a social networking site, or directly with a colleague or friend”

via WorkplaceTrends

Bad news travels quicker than good, so if you don’t want word to spread that you “never get back to candidates with feedback” or you “grill candidates too hard in the interview” then it’s time to concentrate on making the candidate experience a better one all around.

74% of the workforce are open to making a job move

via Jobvite

The smart companies will use this statistic as a great opportunity to “woo” passive candidates, and encourage them to join their company in their next move. Those that choose to ignore and fail to see the importance of investing into employee experience and company culture may find their best employees jumping ship to the next company.

67% of people who found their most recent job on social media used Facebook to do so

via Jobvite

If you’re considering using social media to recruit / attract candidates then Facebook is a great place to start. The sponsored / advertised targeting tools help you reach a wider audience at a budget that suits you.

60% of job seekers have quit an application in the middle due to its length or complexity

via SHRM

Those in depth questions to determine a candidate is right for you may seem like a good idea, but if it is putting off 60% of potential applicants at that first recruitment touch-point then you’re probably missing out on some great talent. Instead make the application as simple as possible, and work in the bigger questions at the second stage / interview.

Talent is 4 times more likely to consider your company for a future opportunity when you offer them constructive feedback

via WorkplaceTrends

It’s astonishing how many companies give no feedback to candidates who apply / interview for their company. If you’ve taken the time to interview someone over the phone / via Skype / in person then take time to give them feedback whether it’s good news or bad. If you are letting them down, a touch of something constructive will go a long way.

The majority of job seekers read at least six reviews before forming an opinion of a company

via Glassdoor

Stop hiding from your reviews and make an effort to improve them! You should be looking at Glassdoor, Facebook and Google as a starting point for your reviews – but most importantly you need to look at how you are treating employees and candidates. Once you are consistently delivering a great experience across the whole business then you’ll find it much easier to get your employees / candidates leaving you a glowing review. 

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